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    Jl Pesanggrahan 3 F28 Jakarta 12270 Indonesia
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More often than not there exists a gap between development outcome on the one hand, and development realities in the field on the other.  Using the internet radio media as a solution to the problem, Radioassalaam (RAS) seeks to bridge the gap by sharing development best practices to as wide an audience as possible.  The expected outcome will be a more peaceful and prosperous global communities as desired by all major world religions, including Islam.  


Peace and prosperity are fundamental Islamic values that are most often misunderstood.  Better understanding of these underlying values is important if building conducive, peaceful environment is desired.  Given this background, a number of concerned Indonesian citizens collaborates together to establish RAS as described below.


Anticipating the lifestyle of the 22nd century and presented in an attractive package of radio programs, RAS offers a number of interesting air times ranging from talkshows and discussion on thriving syariah industry and muslim enterprises to  halal food and recipes from philanthropic activities to tips on muslim appropriate behavior.  Both Islamic values and development issues are discussed in collegial, informal and interactive mode.  The aim is to help internalize Islamic values and resolve local development issues in ways that are meaningful yet entertaining.


To become one of the best internet radio-stations that share universal Islamic values and development information to a wide audience of Indonesian and international listeners


1.       Serve as catalyst and facilitator in sharing locally applicable, adaptable development best practices

2.       Serve as a platform for sharing universal, peaceful Islamic values (rahmatan lil alamin)


Think cosmically. Span globally. Act locally.

Organization Structure:

            Curator:  ASSALAAM MULTI MEDIA  Foundation

1.       Founder:

a.       Eka Rifad

b.       Arumfadillah RA

c.        Atet Sugiharto,

2.       Executive Director:

a.       Arumfadillah RA

3.       Chief Editor:

a.       Puri Hukmi Lestari

4.       Reporter:

a.       Nurmala hayati

b.       Wiwit

c.        Nida

d.       Malahati Elfanisha

5.       Public Relations:

a.       Tengku Yaman

b.       Zaeni

6.       Web Manager:

a.       Dodi Hidayatullah

7.       Technical and Logistic support:

a.       Jemi Charles Kholid



            Jl. Pesanggrahan 3 F28, Jakarta 12270, Indonesia

            Telephone: +62 21 7351735

            Fax: +62 21 7351735


            Facebook: Radio Assalaam

            Twitter: @radioassalaam






Jakarta,  November 2011

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