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Assalamualaikum Wrwb.

First of all, i would like to introduce Kamikaze communication.

We stand on our knowledge, skill and attitude

Our team comes from many different backgrounds. One thing common among us is our attitude towards brand building and marketing communications. We always take pride of our work, and we always strive to deliver excellence in the shortest possible time because we know that your consumers move fast too. To Kamikaze Comm, It has always been about our passion and attitude, because we love what we do, and we love to keep doing it.


About us

We are not an advertising agency, although most of our works are in the traditional medium such as TV, Print, Radio, or Outdoor. We are a communication team that specializes in giving communications strategies and solutions to our Clients; on what and how to talk to their Brands’ Target Audience, via the best medium to reach them.


Since our establishment in early 2009, we have positioned ourselves as a kind of communications agency with the breed of talents specializing in holistic marketing communications solutions to build brand equity. Every talent within our organization is aimed and geared to create demand and to make your brand grow.


Who's who

KAMIKAZE is a Japanese word which means “Gods’ wind (a kind of typhoon),” in our words could means ‘high spirit of a team to fight for something good’. We see this notion as the nature of wind, always moving and flowing, and is flexible to adapt to any shape accordingly. As a communications team, we understand that consumers also change from time to time. With this, the marketing industry evolves just as dynamically to follow the consumer’s ever changing trends and behavior.

 At Kamikaze, we formulate our communications strategy based on the neutrality. This is to say that not all brands require the same treatment, even though they are identical in nature.



To provide unique communications quality creative services for client/brands to communicate to their consumers

please visit our website : www.kamikaze.co.id

Wasalamualaikum Wrwb.


Herajani Saftiawan

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